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Girlde Pants by SexyCurve helps to control your waist line and firm up your stomach, back, thighs as well as your legs - reduce up to 7 centimetres with no exercise. For best results, it is advisable to wear for 30 days which enables you to slim down up to 7 inches.

Size: Free size One size (FREE SIZE) Size from : FIT UNTIL 70KG

Colour: Grey


1. waist line control - slim up to 7 centimetres off without exercise! To lose your stomach, back, thighs and legs centimetres.

2. Best results to wear it for 30 days. Enables to slim down up to 7inches, excess fats dissapears from your buttocks, thighs and abdomen. And even cellulite dissapear over time. Your legs and abdomen will visibly slimmer and sleeker look

3. Lose up 3cm from your waist and 2cm from your thighs hips



45% polyamide

43% polyester

12% elastane

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